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Used equipment for sale


Properly prepared used building equipment complied with high manufacturing quality standards, ensuring sufficiently high technological level and customer demands. We offer a wide range of used equipment – cranes, pile drivers, drilling rigs, vibrohammers, construction machinery, hydraulic hammers, rtg equipment, augers, auger drivers, sheet piles, piling, diafragmic walls, diesel hammers, impact driving systems, vibratory systems . It is designed for the companies that intend to improve efficiency of their operations. When purchasing used equipment from our company, you will receive it in complete set and in good condition. Also, if requested, our experts or manufacturer’s representatives will provide a brief training for your staff on the basic operations and functions of the equipment.
Below we provide a list of used equipment currently in sales. Prices and additional information upon request

Pile driver ABI RE 12/14,  year 1993  , on hourmeter  12580 hours., Standart equipment  ,carier ZR28  with Deutz engine , vibrohammer VRZ 600   with clamps , stand for  vibrohammer,  CFA auger drive with augers set

Drilling rig for geological investigations COMACCHIO  GEO 205,  year  2011 ,   850 hours on hourmeter with tools

Drilling rig GEAX  EK60, year  2014  ,  1400 hours

Pile driver  RG -25S, year  2011  ,  1850 hours on hourmeter with auger drive MB55

Soilmec R312HD Drill Rig for Kelly and CFA
Configured for both: CFA and Rotary Duties, 2001,
Maximum Torque: 130 kNm
Rotary Configuration
Maximum Diameter: 1500mm
Maximum Depth: 48.0m (With 5x 11,0m Kelly bar)
CFA Configuration
Maximum Diameter: 750mm
Maximum Depth: 19.0m (With 6.0m CFA Kelly Extension)

Soilmec SF 50 CFA drill rig Hydraulic Self Erecting CFA Rig 2010, Only 9,471 hours
Maximum Torque: 90 kNm
CFA Configuration
Maximum Diameter: 900mm
Maximum Depth: 25.0m (With 6.0m Kelly Extension & pole)
Powered by Cummins Diesel Engine
19.0m Standard Digging Depth
6.0m Kelly extension and pole
900mm Maximum Diameter
750mm Gates in good order
Soilmec DMS
Jean Lutz Taralog Instrumentation
Undercarriage – 700mm Track Pads

ABI RE 10/12 , 1993 y. , 10 meter mast  , ZR20 base with 40 t. ( ZR 400 GL, 400kN) vibrator.  Machine is in working condition. Can be inspected at any time, it belongs to our company.  We have completely overhauled the main hydraulic pump, the controlling unit for this machine ( ABB original) . All technical guides ( hydraulic schemes, spare part schemes, electric schemes) are original from ABI and come with this machine as well.r 44’500 EUR

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